Gold Initial Letter Necklace

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Gold Initial Letter Necklace

Gold Initial Letter Necklace

Love this simple necklace!
Shown here in our First photo is our gold initial.

This adorable initial letter charm on a 14kt gold filled chain is the perfect gift for yourself or firend. The letter charms measure approx. 3/8" in height x 3/8" wide.  The initial charms are sturdy and durable and rhodium plated. High quality!

You can also add letters or symbols and can mix and match the metal colors ALL SILVER ~ ALL GOLD ~ or MIXED with SILVER & GOLD.  You can also choose a sterling silver chain or a 14kt gold filled chain.  Select the letters, metal color and chain during checkout.  

You can choose only ONE letter or TWO, THREE or FOUR. There is also a Heart Symbol Charm,  Moon Charm, a Star Charm and an &(ampersand) charm.

Look at additional photos above to get some ideas. You can Mix and Match the silver and gold!  Get creative and design what you LOVE! ;)

If you have any special requests or questions please contact me. 

Layer this with other necklaces or simply wear it all by itself.  It can go with your entire wardrobe! So Dainty and Classy!